The center of the Tokyo Bay area,
which is undergoing development
Easy access to popular sightseeing spots
in the Tokyo metropolitan area


    ASAKUSA22 minutes


    SHINJUKU24 minutes


    TOKYO12 minutes


    GINZA20 minutes


    19 minutes


    MAIHAMA8 minutes

Popular spots
in the bay area

  • Ariake Colosseum

    Ariake Colosseum

    It is located in Ariake Tennis no Mori Park, and as the center court, it is used for international tennis matches, martial arts, concerts, and various events.

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  • Tokyo Big Sight

    Tokyo Big Sight

    It is the largest convention facility in Japan, with exhibition halls, international conference halls, and reception halls. It is also a place where you can find the latest in Japan's most popular events and markets.

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  • Wanza Ariake Bay Mall

    Wanza Ariake Bay Mall

    In the spacious atrium, there is a powerful waterfall 35 meters high, creating a healing space. There is also a food court, restaurants, shopping malls, halls, and conference rooms.

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  • Pallete Town

    Pallete Town

    The symbol of this popular spot is the Giant Ferris Wheel, which offers a panoramic view of Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree. "Tokyo Leisure Land," an amusement park, and "Zepp Tokyo," one of the world's largest live music venues, are also located.

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  • Tokyo Joypolis

    Tokyo Joypolis

    This is an indoor amusement park located in DECKS Tokyo Beach. More than 20 roller coaster-like attractions and events based on popular anime themes are held in a timely manner.

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  • Aqua City Odaiba

    Aqua City Odaiba

    This commercial complex is located across the street from the TV station and is centered around a shopping mall overlooking the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay. It is famous as a facility where people can enjoy themselves all day long, with a movie theater, cafes, and restaurants.

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  • DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

    DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

    Based on a theatrical urban space concept, this is a new landmark in Odaiba where visitors can experience surprises and excitement through entertainment and gourmet food. It is also famous for its life-size Gundam statue.

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