I received a different rate each time when I inquired.
We have a variable rate system, so the rate we can offer will change, and it depends on the availability of rooms at the time of your inquiry.
Is the price difference between online and telephone reservations?
Yes. In general, if the reservation date and time are the same, the online rate will be lower than by phone reservations.
Also, the cheapest rates are available for reservations made by members who register online.
* The rate varies depending on the schedule and time of day.
Do the rates shown in the room reservation include consumption tax and service fees?
All rates shown include consumption tax. We do not charge a service fee.
What are the rates for children?
Children of elementary school age and older are treated as adults. Children under elementary school age are free of charge if they sleep with a parent.

check in and
check out

Can I leave my luggage before check-in or after check-out?
Yes. You can leave your luggage at the front desk of the hotel.


Do you have extra beds?
It is available in some rooms (for a fee).
Are there cribs available?
We have them available. There are a limited number of these, so please let us know in advance.
I use a wheelchair. Are there any rooms that can accommodate me?
We have one room available. Please let us know your request in advance.
Is it okay to invite friends to the room?
Visitors are not allowed to meet with guests in the rooms. Please use the lobby instead.
When I go out during my stay, should I leave my key at the front desk?
You can keep it with you during your stay. Please return it when you check out.
Can I have breakfast even if I am not staying at the hotel?
This service is also available for guests who are not staying at the hotel.
Can I use the Internet service in my room?
Free Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) Internet service is available in the lobby and guest rooms.
Wired LAN connection is also available in the rooms.
Can you receive the items purchased through online shopping for me?
Yes, we can. Please make sure to write your full name, check-in date (or room number if you are staying at the hotel), and hotel name on the slip.
* Please do not send cash, valuables, refrigerated, or frozen items.
* In general, we do not accept cash on arrival or cash on delivery.
* Please note that we may not be able to accept a large amount of luggage.
Can I leave my valuables with you?
A safety box is available in your room.
We can also keep your valuable in the hotel's safe during your stay.
Please note that depending on the size and value of your valuables, we may not be able to accept them.
After checking out, I have made a reservation to stay again. Is it possible to keep my luggage until the new check-in? (short time only)
Yes. We can keep your luggage.
Can I pay for my fee when I check out?
We are sorry to inform you that we require payment at the time of check-in.
Do you have a large public bathroom?
You can go to "Izumitenku no Yu Ariake Garden"(Bath facilities) from the connecting passage on the 6th floor of the hotel.
There is also a special offer for guests, so please take advantage of it.


Is breakfast included?
We serve a buffet-style breakfast.
* If you want to have breakfast, please apply for the breakfast plan.
Can I make reservations online?
Yes, you can. Please make restaurant reservations on the official website.
Are there any restaurants where I can take my children?
Yes, there are.
Is there a restaurant where wheelchairs and strollers are allowed?
Yes, there are.


Is there a parking lot?
Yes, there is.
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Can I exchange foreign currency?
Foreign currency exchange machines are available on the lobby floor (2nd floor).

Cancellation Policy

Please note that guests who cancel their reservation will be charged the cancellation fee as follows.

■General guests (1 ~ 9 people)

No-show without notice: 100% of the room charge
Cancellation on the day of arrival date: 100% of the room charge
Cancellation 1 day before to arrival date: 50% of the room charge
Cancellation 2 days before to arrival date: 40% of the room charge

■Groups (10 ~ 30 people)

No-show without notice: 100% of the room charge
Cancellation on the day of arrival date: 100% of the room charge
Cancellation 1~7 days before to arrival date: 50% of the room charge
* For groups (31 people or more), please refer to Article 5, "Penalties" of the Accommodation Terms and Conditions.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or requests for the hotel,
please refer to the "Contact Us" page below.