Izumi Tenku no Yu Ariake Garden

Excite your mind, moisturize your body“SPACITY”

Japan is one of the world's leading hot springs (onsen) countries.
The Japanese people have loved onsen
for centuries for their ability to prevent disease,
improve health, and heal the body and mind through beauty
and anti-aging benefits.
At Izumi Tenku no Yu Ariake Garden (Bath facilities),
we have eight different types of baths, saunas, and beauty salons,
including an open-air bath where you can enjoy natural hot spring water
gushing from 1500 meters underground.
In addition to the hot spring facilities,
there are many restaurants and cafes to enjoy.
Please enjoy the bliss of bathing in the hot spring.


Credit Card

Free Wi-Fi

Luggage storage

Empty-handed OK

Avallable in English

Covid-19 Measures

In-house clothes available

* This video contains information about the Japanese version.






Hot Stone Sauna

Hot Stone Sauna
Hot Stone Sauna
Hot Stone Sauna
Hot Stone Sauna
Hot Stone Sauna

Body Care


Body Care

Restaurant & Drink


Restaurant & Drink

Relax Zone

Relax Zone
Relax Zone
Relax Zone






Hotel Villa Fontaine's original shampoo, conditioner, and body soap, Tissues paper, Cotton swabs, hairbrush

For men

Beauty lotion, Milky lotion, Hair tonic, Hair liquid, Shaving Foam, Rasor, Hairdryer

For women

Makeup remover, Facial Cleansing Foam, Beauty lotion, Milky lotion, Hair elastics, Panasonic hairdryer

Opening hours and fees

Opening hours

Facility hours Open 24 hours a day (Admission 05:00 ~ 26:00)
Public bath and sauna 05:00~25:30
Bedrock bath 10:00~22:00 (Admission 21:30)
Aroma Oil
Beauty Salon
11:00~23:00 (Admission 22:30)
Body Care 10:30~23:00 (Admission 22:30)
Body scrub 11:00~23:00 (Admission 22:30)
Ariake kitchen
and drink counter
11:00~22:00 (Ariake kitchen Admission 21:30)*1

* The baths are closed between 25:30 and 5:00 due to cleaning time.
* 1 The drink counter is open until 22:00.

Regular holiday

Open all year round

*The facilities are closed once a month for facility inspections. Please check the facility notice for details.

Fees [tax included]

admission fee
Adults (junior high school students and older)
Weekdays / 1,650 yen Weekends and holidays / 2,200 yen(with a face towel and bath towel)
Children (4 years old to elementary school students)
All-day / 1,000 yen(with a face towel and bath towel)
3 years old or younger
Free of charge

* Children who are in diapers are not allowed to bath at the bath facility
* If you choose without a towel plan, the fee is 1,320 yen (adult) per weekday.
* Bath towels 220 yen, face towels 110 yen, indoor clothes 200 yen
* Children of elementary school age and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
* The rates for weekends and holidays include a 150 yen bath tax.

Adults (junior high school students and older)
All-day / 3,000 yen

* Please note that you will be billed automatically if you are in the building between 26:00 midnight and 5:00 the next day.
* If you are under 18 years old, you cannot use the facility after 22:00.
(Permitted when accompanied by a parent or guardian.)
* Late-night fees do not apply to guests of Villa Fontaine Tokyo Ariake.
* For more information, please contact our staff.

Bedrock bath
Adults (junior high school students and older)
All-day / 800 yen
(Rental items in the fee: bedrock bathing suit, bedrock bathing towel)

* Children under junior high school are not allowed to use this service.
* You cannot use the bedrock bath only.

Complimentary Rates for Guests of Villa Fontaine Grand Tokyo Ariake
All-day / Adults 1,300 yen
(with a face towel and bath towel)
Children 650 yen
(with a face towel and bath towel)

* There are also special admission coupon tickets (11 coupons: one coupon ticket for additional use).
Weekday coupon ticket with a towel 16,500 yen
Weekday coupon ticket without a towel 13,200 yen
Weekend and holiday coupon tickets with a towel 20,000 yen


You will be charged at the time of registration.

Cards that can be used

VISA、JCB、MasterCard、Diners Club、AMEX

How to useView from entry
to clearance and exit.

  • 1.Entry

    Welcome to Izumi Tenku no Yu Ariake Garden (Bath facilities).
    When entering, please take off your footwear and put your shoes in the shoe box.

  • 2.Reception (desk)

    Please complete the admission procedures at the reception desk.
    If you have a tattoo, you can take a bath as long as the tattoo is hidden.
    Stickers to hide your tattoos are available for purchase at the reception desk.
    Please purchase them at the reception desk. (200 yen).

    2.Reception (desk)
  • 3.Changing room

    Please use any available locker of your choice.
    Please make sure to put your cell phone, accessories, and clothes in the locker and lock it.

    3.Changing room
  • 4.Take a bath

    When using the large public bath, outdoor bath, or sauna, please take off all your clothes.
    When using the bedrock bath, please be sure to wear your bedrock bathing suit.

    4.Take a bath
  • 5.Use the drink counter and relaxation area at Ariake Kitchen

    Japanese people drink cold milk and other beverages after bathing.
    A variety of beverages are available at the drink counter in the Ariake Kitchen.
    Please relax in the relaxation area while drinking your beverage.

    5.Use the drink counter and relaxation area at Ariake Kitchen
  • 6.Settlement and leaving the building

    Please return your locker key to the reception desk.
    You will be charged by the key number.
    The following credit cards are accepted for payment.
    VISA、JCB、MasterCard、Diners Club、AMEX

    6.Settlement and leaving the building

Precautions for bathing

Please refrain from using the bath facilities if you have tattoos.

Please refrain from bathing in your underwear.

Do not do laundry in the bathtub.

Before entering a bathtub, be sure to run a hot shower first.


Precautions for bathing

  • You must be completely nude.
  • Wash before entering the bathtub.
  • No tattoos.
  • Do not dip your towel in the bathtub.
  • No running. No swimming.
  • No electronic devices.
  • Do not do laundry or dye your hair.
  • No washing inside the bathtub.
  • Sit down when using the shower and be mindful of others.
  • Anyone using diapers is prohibited.
  • Wipe off excess water before entering the changing room.
  • No food or drinks.

Caution:Avoid taking bath right before / after meal. Do not drink alcohol before taking bath.


  • Terms of Use
  • Fees and Payment
  • Facilities and Equipment
  • What are your operating hours, and when are your regular holidays?

    It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, you cannot enter the building between 26:00 and 5:00. The bath facilities are not available from 25:30 to 5:00 due to cleaning time.
    * Please note that the bathrooms will be closed once a month for equipment inspection.

    Are there any age restrictions or other entrance restrictions at each facility?

    Children who are in diapers are not allowed to use the bath at the bath facilities.
    Children under elementary school age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    Besides, the bedrock bath area is available for junior high school students and older.

    Can I bring my food and drink?

    No food or beverages are allowed to be brought in.

    I have a tattoo. Can I still enter the facilities?

    If you can hide your tattoo with a cover sticker, you can enter the facilities.

    Can I re-enter?

    No. Re-entry is not allowed. Once you leave the facilities, you will be charged for admission again.

    Can I come empty-handed?

    Yes. The hotel offers various amenities, including bathing suits and towels, so that you can come empty-handed.
    Towels can also be purchased from the vending machine in the changing room (200 yen per towel, tax included).

  • Can I use credit cards and digital money?

    In addition to various credit cards, iD and QUICPay can be used.

    Which facilities/areas charge fees in addition to the entrance fee?

    The bedrock baths will be charged at 800 yen (tax included) in addition to the admission fee.
    Food and beverages at the Ariake Kitchen and beverage counter and beauty and body care services will charge you an additional fee.

  • Are there any facilities that can be used by men and women together?

    The bedrock bath, Ariake Kitchen, Cafe Lounge, and Relax Lounge can be used together.

    Is there a parking lot or bicycle parking lot?

    You can use the parking lot and bicycle parking lot in the commercial complex Ariake Garden.
    * Please use "Zone C" for parking and "Elevator B" for elevators.

    Do you have Wi-Fi and electric outlets?

    Free Wi-Fi is available at the commercial complex Ariake Garden.
    Electric outlets are available at the tables in the Ariake Kitchen and Cafe Lounge. (Some)