Open 24 hours a day*Baths are unavailable from 10:00
am to 12:30 pm due to cleaning


Izumi Tenku no Yu at Haneda Airport

japan is one of
the world's leading hot spring countries
Hot springs have long been loved
by the Japanese for
their ability to prevent disease,
promote health, bestow beauty and anti-aging benefits,
and soothe the body and mind.

Izumi Tenku no Yu at Haneda Airport is a natural hot spring with a view.
The panoramic view before your eyes lets you take in views of
airplanes as well as Mount Fuji, a symbol of Japan.
With a sauna, Hot stone sauna, massage, a dining area, and more, these replete facilities are more than just a hot spring.
Immerse yourself in the hot springs here for a moment of bliss.


Credit Card

Bathing supplies provided

Free Wi-Fi

COVID-19 measures in place

Hotel robe available

Facility Guide


Experience an extraordinary sense of openness,
hot springs overlooking views of the city,
and luxurious indoor baths.

Onsen Men’s open-air bath
Onsen Women’s open-air bath
Onsen Men’s indoor bath
Onsen Women’s indoor bath

Natural hot springs (Privately sourced, heated, circulation filter)

【Hot spring source name】
Haneda Airport Izumi Tenku Hot Spring
【Hot spring type】
Iodine-containing high sodium chloride hot spring
(hypertonic, slightly alkaline)
7.6 (slightly alkaline)
Skin dryness, Poor blood circulation, Cuts,
Peripheral circulatory disorders, Depression
【Open-air baths】
Natural hot springs with a view (open-air baths),
Hot bath(the open-air baths),
Lie-down bath
【Indoor bath】
Indoor bath(open-air baths), Jet bath, Carbonated spring


Two types of authentic saunas
to help you work up a pleasant sweat

Sauna Dry sauna
Sauna Medicinal steam sauna

Hot Stones

Surrender yourself
to the power of nature

Hot Stone Sauna Black germanium
Hot Stone Sauna Lava stone
Hot Stone Sauna Rock salt
Hot Stone Sauna Cool room




Hotel Villa Fontaine Original Shampoo, Tissues, Cotton swabs, Hairbrush


Lotion, Cream, Hair tonic, Styling mist, Shaving cream, Shaving razor, Panasonic hair dryer


Makeup remover, Cleansing foam, Hair ties, Panasonic hair dryer, Heat protectant spray, Cotton pads

Beauty & Body Care

Beauty & Body Care image

Izumi Tenku

Dining & Izumi Tenku image



Facility Hours Open 24 hours a day  *Baths are unavailable from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm due to cleaning.


May be closed irregularly for inspections. Check facility announcements.

Fees (tax included)

Adult(13 and older)
(comes with face towel, bath towel, robe, and Hot stone sauna)
Child (Age 4 to 12)
(comes with face towel and bath towel)

*Children ages 0 to 3 years who are still in diapers are not permitted to bathe for safety and sanitation reasons.
*Elementary school aged students and younger must be accompanied by a guardian.
*The adult price includes a ¥150 bathing tax

Late night
extra fees
Adult(13 and older)
All day/¥4,000

*This fee is automatically charged to those entering between 1:00 am to 5:00 am.
*Guests under the age of 18 are not permitted after 11:00 pm. (Permitted if accompanied by a guardian)
*Late night extra fees do not apply to Villa Fontaine Grand/Premier Haneda Airport guests.
*Please ask the staff for details.

All day/Adult ¥2,000
Child ¥1,000
Special guest rates for Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport guests
*Premier Haneda Airport guests may use the baths free of charge.
(comes with face towel and bath towel)
Use of the bedrock sauna requires a separate fee of ¥800

*Children not yet of junior high school age may not use the Hot stone sauna.

Payment methods

Cash or credit card payment at the self-service payment machine
(VISA、JCB、 MasterCard Diners Club, American Express)


Key payment is made at reception.

Accepted cards

VISA、JCB、MasterCard、Diners Club、AMEX

Usage proceduresView from entering
to payment/exiting

  • 1.Entering

    Welcome to Izumi Tenku no Yu at Haneda Airport.
    When entering the facilities, please remove your shoes and put them in the shoebox.

  • 2.Reception

    Go through the entrance procedures at reception.
    People with tattoos may enter if the tattoo is concealed.
    Stickers for concealing tattoos are sold here, so please purchase during reception (¥200).

  • 3.Changing room

    Use any open locker of your choice.
    Put your mobile device, accessories, and clothes in a locker and be sure to lock it.

    3.Changing room
  • 4.Bathing

    Remove all clothing before entering the public baths, the open-air baths, and the saunas.
    When using the Hot stone sauna, wear the Hot stone sauna robe.

  • 5.Using the Izumi Tenku dining and rest area

    Izumi Tenku Dining is a special space where you can take in views of Mount Fuji.
    Japanese set meals as well as izakaya-style food perfect for a drink are served here.
    The fee for using this area can be paid at hotel checkout as part of your total fee.

    5.Using the Izumi Tenku dining and rest area
  • 6.Payment and exiting

    Return the locker key to reception.
    Pay using your key number.
    The following credit cards are accepted.

    6.Payment and exiting

Precautions for bathing

Refrain from entering the baths in your underwear.

Do not do laundry inside the bathtubs.

Rinse yourself off before entering the baths.


Precautions for bathing

  • You must be completely nude.
  • Wash before entering the bathtub.
  • Do not dip your towel in the bathtub.
  • No running. No swimming.
  • No electronic devices.
  • Do not do laundry or dye your hair.
  • No washing inside the bathtub.
  • Sit down when using the shower and be mindful of others.
  • Anyone using diapers is prohibited.
  • Wipe off excess water before entering the changing room.
  • No food or drinks.

Caution:Avoid taking bath right before / after meal. Do not drink alcohol before taking bath.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Using the Baths
  • About Prices and Payment
  • About Facilities and Equipment
  • What are the hours and when are the baths closed?

    Open 24 hours a day. Baths are unavailable from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm due to cleaning.
    Payment and checkout procedures are unavailable from 1:00 am to 1:30 am due to machine maintenance.
    *May be closed irregularly for inspections. Check facility announcements.

    Are there any age restrictions or other restrictions on entering the baths?

    Children ages 0 to 3 years and/or who are still in diapers are not permitted to bathe for safety and sanitation reasons.
    Elementary school aged students and younger must be accompanied by a guardian.
    Guest must be of junior high school age or older to use the bedrock saunas.

    Can I bring food or drink into the baths?

    Food and drink are prohibited.

    Can I re-enter the baths?

    Re-entry is not permitted for visitors. Once you have exited, you must pay for admission again.
    Guests staying at the hotel may re-enter.

    Can I come empty-handed?

    Robes, towel rentals, and a selection of amenities are available so that you may come empty-handed.
    Towels can be rented at the vending machines in the changing room (¥200 per towel, tax included).

    Can I bring in a trolley case into the facility?

    Suitcases with wheels and trolley cases are prohibited. Please stow your luggage at the Hospitality Center on the 2nd floor or the coin-operated lockers before entering the facility.

  • Can I pay with a credit card or electronic money?

    We accept credit cards, iD, and QUICPay.

    Which facilities charge fees that are not included in admission?

    Food and drink as well as salon and body care services require a separate fee.
    Also, visitors using the special hotel guest discount rate will be charged an additional ¥800 (tax included) for the Hot stone sauna.

  • Are there any facilities that men and women can use together?

    The Hot stone sauna and Izumi Tenku may be used together.

    Is parking for cars and bicycles available?

    Visitors may use the parking lot of the Haneda Airport Garden, a shopping complex attached to the hotel.