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Answers to frequently asked questions are provided here.

About reservation

Why was the room rate different each time I made an inquiry?

The room rate varies depending on the availability of the rooms at the time of inquiry.

Is the room rate different when I make a reservation by phone or online?

Yes. As a general rule, the room rate is less if you make a reservation online provided that the date the room is wanted is the same.

  • * Please bear in mind that the room rate may change depending on the date the room is wanted and time of the reservation is being made.
Does the room rate shown when I made the reservation include the consumer tax and the service charge?

All the listed room rates include the consumer tax. We do not take service charges.

  • * Village Izukogen charges a hot spring tax of JPY 150 per person.
What are the room rates for children?

Any child who has started elementary school is charged the same price as an adult. If the child hasn't yet started elementary school, and a parent will share a bed with the child, there is no charge for the child. In that case, the breakfast is also free*.

  • Does not include a packed breakfast.
    * Breakfast is available at Hotel Villa Fontaine Grand Osaka - Umeda - inumo shibakoen at an additional cost. Please call for details.
  • * Children's fees at Village Izukogen are as follows:
    0 to 2 years: Free
    3 to 6 years: JPY 1,200 (morning)/JPY 3,000 (night)
    Elementary School Students: JPY 1,680 (morning)/JPY 4,200 (night).
  • * All fees include tax.

Check In and Check Out

Are early check-ins and/or late check-outs available?

Check-in is normally from 15:00 and check-out until 11:00.
An early check-in (from 12:00) and a late check-out (until 14:00) are available but with the following additional charges.

Additional charges

per hour



1 room for
1 person



1 room for
2 person



1 room for
3 person



1 room for
4 person



  • * Charges for early check in and late check out at inumo shibakouen and Haneda Airport vary, so please call fordetails.
  • * Regardless of the number of people, early check-in is JPY 1,210 and late checkout is JPY 2,310 for the first hour (then JPY 1,210 for each subsequent hour) at Village Izukogen and Village Kyoto.
  • * If a guest wishes to check in earlier than 12:00 or check out later than 15:00, a charge of a full day's room rate is applicable.
  • * An early check-in and a late check-out may not be available. This depends on the availability of the room before check-in and after check-out. Please ask at the reservation desk if you wish to check-in early or check-out late.
  • * All fees include tax.

About accommodation

Are extra beds available?

Available for an additional charge for some rooms at Tokyo Ariake, Haneda Airport, Tokyo Shiodome, Tokyo Roppongi, and Osaka Umeda.

Are baby cots available?

Baby cots are available at Tokyo Ariake, Haneda Airport, Tokyo Shiodome, Village Izu kogen. Please inquire in advance as the number is limited.

Is room service available?

Room service is available at Premier Haneda Airport.

I am a wheel chair user. Do you have a suitable room for me?

Available for 4 rooms in Tokyo Tamachi, and 2 rooms in Grand Haneda Airport, and one room each in Tokyo Ariake, Osaka Umeda, Kobe Sannomiya, Village Kyoto, and inumo shibakoen. There are more guest rooms with easier access in other branches. Please ask about these when you make a reservation.

Can I bring friends to my room?

Guests are not permitted to bring any other people to their rooms.
Please use the lobby area as a meeting place.

Should I leave the room key at the front desk when I go out?

You may keep the key with you while you stay in our hotels. Please return it to us at time of check-out.

Is internet connection available in the guest rooms?

Free WiFi (wireless LAN) connection is available in the lobby area as well as in each guest room.
Wired LAN is also available in guest rooms.

Can I send a parcel from the hotel?

Yes, we have the Yamato's parcel delivery service* at our hotels.
(Please note that delivery is limited to within Japan. We do not send parcels overseas.) Please ask at the front desk for details. We also sell parcel boxes.

  • * Some branches have the Japan Post's parcel delivery service.
Can I leave my luggage with you before check-in or after check-out?

Yes, you can. Please ask at the front desk.
Villa Fontaine Grand Tokyo-Ariake/Grand Tokyo-Roppongi provides a self-locker service for guests.

  • * Please ensure that you pick up your luggage on the same day.

See below for how to use the self lockers.
See the self-locker user agreement here

Can you receive guests' online shopping parcels?

Yes, we can receive a parcel on your behalf.
Please do not forget to add your full name, check-in date, the room number,
if you are already staying in the hotel, and the name of the hotel in the address when you order.

  • * Please do not send cash, valuable items, cooled or frozen items to the hotel.
  • * We do not receive any cash-on-delivery parcel, as a general rule.
  • * We may refuse to receive too many parcels at one time.
Can you keep my valuables in the hotel safe?

Yes, we will keep valuables for you in the hotel safe in a designated envelope.
However, please bear in mind that we may not be able to do this if items are too big or too valuable.

  • * There are safety boxes in guest rooms in some of our branches.
I am coming back to the same hotel again after traveling elsewhere. Will you keep my luggage while I am traveling?

Yes, we can keep your luggage until you return.

  • * Please ask at the front desk for details. It may not be possible to keep your luggage.
    This depends on the size of the hotel and/or the availability of luggage space.
Do I settle my bill when I check out?

We ask guests to pay their bills when they check in.

  • * Charges for Village Izukogen are settled at check-out.

For others

Is there parking available?

Yes, there is. (Excluding Tokyo Shinjuku, Tokyo Jimbocho, Tokyo Ueno Okachimachi, Osaka Umeda.) We charge 2,310 Yen per night (that is, from check-in time to check-out time) for hotel guests (Fee for Tokyo Ariake is JPY 2,200.). Guest who wish to use the car park need to reserve a space in advance*. Please call the hotel you are planning to stay in for details and to reserve a parking space.
For details on parking at Haneda Airport, please click here.

  • * Reservations are not necessary for Tokyo Roppongi, Tokyo Ariake, or Village Izukogen.
  • * Free of charge at Village Izukogen.
  • * Parking for Kobe Sannomiya is available (charged) at nearby parking lots.
  • * Village Kyoto has a partner parking lot (1,650 yen). The number of spaces is limited (reservation required).
  • * inumo shibakoen offers hotel and partner parking lots. The charges vary with the facility, so please call for details. Parking spaces are limited at all (reservation required).
  • * Prices include tax.
Do you have a foreign currency exchange service?

The service is available only at Tokyo Ariake, Haneda Airport and Tokyo Shiodome.
It has an automatic foreign exchange cash machine beside the front desk.
Please ask at the front desk if you have any questions about the machine or how to use it.