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NEWS —Hotel Villa Fontaine—

04/05/2024 ANA x Villa Fontaine Concept Room - Guide to Start of Sales

To our customers

Thank you for using Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport.

Now our hotel is using upcycled items made from disposed components that were part of airframes, creating the experience-style concept room “ANA x Villa Fontaine Concept Room” that is filled with the charms of Boeing 737 and Boeing 777 aircrafts which are machines used by ANA.

About ANA x Villa Fontaine Concept Room

These concept rooms come in two types with Boeing 737 and Boeing 777 aircrafts as the motif.

Each room uses photographs of past models in the sky and campaign posters as part of the wallpaper design. Guests are invited to the world of ANA the instant they step into their room.

In addition, ANA International Business Class (ANA BUSINESS STAGGERED) seats taken from actual Boeing 777 models which are used in flights now are installed in both types of guest rooms.

Parts which are used in actual airplanes, including switch panels, TAT sensors, AOA sensors, and pitot tubes, are also on display.

Signal boxes, which have equipment utilized in emergencies on airplanes built in, are also on display – these normally cannot be seen by passengers. Ram air fans, which are auxiliary power units for aircraft, are also placed in the rooms and reborn as clocks. These elements provide a space that lets guests feel up close to an aircraft.

The rooms also provide a highly immersive experience that lets guests see, touch, and listen, including air band receivers, which can receive aeronautical radio signals, being installed in each room.

Information on Concept Room Special Plan

[Sales Start Date] From Apr. 5 (Fri.) 2024, 12:00

[Accommodation Period for Concept Room] From Apr. 26 (Fri.) 2024

*This period may be changed or canceled without prior notice.

[Participation Fee]

When using a guest room for 2 people, fee for 1 person will start from
34,150 yen

*Comes with hot spring entrance ticket, all tax included

*The fee may change depending on the day you stay at the hotel.

Please make reservations at the following link.

Limited to “ANA x Villa Fontaine Concept Room” Guests  Commemorative Novelty Goods

<Original design>Stickers

<Original design>Flight Tags

We at Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport sincerely look forward to your visit.

*The guest room images listed here are all concept drawings.

*The contents of the novelty goods listed here may change depending on circumstances.
*Please note that it is forbidden to transfer or resell the accommodation reservation or benefit item.
*The contents published here may change without notice.

Inquiries for this Plan

Sumitomo Fudosan Villa Fontaine General Reservation Center
Reception hours: Weekdays 9:00-20:00(JST) / Weekends, Holidays: 9:00-18:00(JST)

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