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NEWS —Hotel Villa Fontaine—


 Free Shuttle Bus Service for Hotel Guests

 (Villa Fontaine Grand Tokyo Ariake)


    Yaesu street(Tokyo Station - via Higashi Ginza Station)Villa Fontaine Grand Tokyo Ariake
Time Schedule(Untill 7/31)
Time Schedule(From 8/1)

    Ariake area
Time Schedule



Guests using wheelchairs

Because there are steps for entering the bus, those riding wheelchairs will be unable to enter. One must be able to use the stairs on their own.

For those using foldable wheelchairs (with or without a caregiver), we can store your wheelchair in one of the bus’ compartments.


Carry-on Luggage Size and Rules

Luggage that is too big to fit in one’s lap will be stored in one of the bus’ storage compartments.

Suitcase will be stored in one of these compartments.

Please be mindful of the restrictions for the size and weight of allowed luggage.


Total liner dimensions (length, width, height) of no more than 115cm(45.0in) with a length of each side not exceeding 55cm×40cm×25cm (21.5×15.7×10.0in)


Total weight of 10kg/22lb or less

Because seats are given on a first-come-first served basis, seats are limited.

 If the bus is full, no other additional guests may board.

Please present proof of reservation at the time of boarding.

There may be delays due to unexpected changes in traffic or weather.

Time, price, and availability may change without prior notice.



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