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  • [Starting April 22!] MADE IN JAPAN FAIR Part 1 –Matsui Pure Malt Whiskey Kurayoshi/Bar & Lounge The Throne

04.19.2024 [Starting April 22!] MADE IN JAPAN FAIR Part 1 –Matsui Pure Malt Whiskey Kurayoshi/Bar & Lounge The Throne

Thank you for using Bar & Lounge The Throne.

In 2024, we are recommending high-quality domestically made drinks based on the theme of MADE IN JAPAN.

Part 1 features Japanese whisky. 

We serve Matsui Pure Malt Whiskey Kurayoshi, made in Kurayoshi City in Tottori Prefecture. 
It features mild and refreshing flavors, as it uses natural water from the depths of Mt. Daisen, the highest peak in the Chugoku region, to make its carefully selected molt unrefined sake.

The lineup features Kurayoshi Sherry Cask, Kurayoshi 8 Years, Kurayoshi 12 Years, and Kurayoshi 18 Years.
This vintage whiskey is a masterpiece that is aged in white bourbon barrels. 

In addition, we serve a Tasting Set that cannot be experienced anywhere else. It is a special set that lets you drink and compare 3 kinds of whiskey, so take this opportunity to enjoy some great drinks.  

■Menu Details

・Tasting Set   3,410 Yen (Tax included) All types 15ml

A drink and compare set with 3 varieties – Kurayoshi Sherry Cask, Kurayoshi 8 Years, and Kurayoshi 12 Years.

・Kurayoshi 12 Years   3,250 Yen (Tax included)

Uses molt unrefined whiskey that has been aged over the long period of over 12 years. It features rich scents similar to nuts and almonds, and sour and sweet flavors like raisins and vanilla.

・Kurayoshi 8 Years   2,685 Yen (Tax included)

Uses malt unrefined whiskey aged for over 8 years. It features malty scents reminiscent of dried oranges, and sour, bitter, and sweet flavors that are like raisins, nuts, and vanilla.

・Kurayoshi Sherry Cask – 1,430 Yen (Tax included)

Mainly molt unrefined whiskey aged for 3 years is further aged in sherry barrels.
It features the sweet scents of fruit and chocolate, along with a vanilla-like sweetness in the fresh citrus flavors.

*All prices listed include tax.
*The contents served may change without notice due to available stock.

Venue: Bar & Lounge The Throne / Villa Fontaine Premier Haneda Airport 4F
Period served: April 22, 2024 (Fri.) – May 31 (Fri.)
Time served: 2:30 p.m. – 1:00 a.m(Food last order 0:00 a.m. , Drink last order 00:30 a.m.)

*Casual clothing may not be permitted at times.
*Minors should be accompanied by a guardian.
*Alcoholic drinks are for customers 20 years of age or older and are not sold to minors.

Villa Fontaine Premier Haneda Airport
Tel: 03-5579-7300


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