03.28.2024 【Happy Hour!】SPORTS BAR by VILLA FONTAINE

 To our customers

Thank you for using Hotel Villa Fontaine Grand/Premier Haneda Airport.

Happy Hour is now being held at SPORTS BAR which saw its grand opening last December!

Order food and drinks during this Happy Hour, which is from midnight to 7 the next morning, and get 20% OFF all items!

At SPORTS BAR by VILLA FONTAINE, guests can enjoy drinking alcohol while watching sports games, as well as darts (for a fee).


The menu features both alcoholic beverages and food items such as pasta and snacks.

SPORTS BAR by VILLA FONTAINE is open late at night, making it excellent to use as a sports bar along with your hotel stay.

Take this opportunity to enjoy the bar in your preferred way, from watching sports games, to alcohol and food as well as darts! 

<Business Hours>
5:00PM – 7:00AM next morning
Haneda Airport Garden 1F

<Happy Hour>
Start date: From March 28, 2024 (Thurs.)
Held from: Midnight to 7:00AM  next morning

*This campaign may end without notice.
*Menu items may change depending on what is in stock.
*Darts are not eligible.

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